Stuff alert!

Just a quick informational post regarding some info that I got…

First of all, got a big “Thank you” from Mackenzie Metall to all the people who participated in the 2010 LAPaPALOOZA! Check the info page here to look at how the event did.

Got the news a little while ago from F.A.B. that I thought everyone should keep a look out for.  This upcoming Friday, starting at 4pm SLT, there’s going to be a treasure hunt of sorts over at the F.A.B. sims. Get a chance at finding/winning some neat stuff!

To make things easier, here’s a reprint of the notecard I received in it’s entirety:


1. Arrive at Treasure Hunt starting point at 4pm SL time on Friday 16 July:

2. Get on your motorcycle. Only 2 wheels allowed. STRICTLY NO walking, running or flying. Anyone found cheating wil be ejected until its over!

3. When u find a hidden rum bottle on either of the Fab International or Motor Island sims buy it for nil Lindens & come back to the Treasure Hunt start point and give to Kali Osmus to redeem your prize!

4. Have the best fun run you ever had on SL with all your bros & sis and laugh alot!!!


TH01: Drillosmaster Coba – Midnight Mayhem 2 seater car from DC Glide cc
TH02: Rodger Renfort – 57 Roadster 2 seater car from R & D Motors
TH03: Raver Bellow – 2KL giftcard for Raver Designs car
TH04a: Maymay Matova – 1 x mens outfits from May Creations
TH04b: Maymay Matova – 1 x mens outfits from May Creations
TH04c: Maymay Matova – 1 x womens outfits from May Creations
TH04d: Maymay Matova – 1 x womens outfits from May Creations
TH05: Lexy Oller – 2500L giftcard from Fab chopper parts
TH06: Ziah Oki – 2,500L giftcard from Kilo 13
TH07: BIGPHIL Davi – R & D Red Baron bike from Bigs Motor Works
TH08: big Eberhardt‧ – Chopper red & black flames
TH09: Kali Osmus – 20 biker textures chest from KO Customs
TH10: Lincoln Braveheart – 1947 Chief Roadmaster bike & sidecar from Braveheart Industries
TH11: Benhur Sella – OMCC Arabella Vlam bike from Outlaws Motorcycles
TH12a: Aaric Hykova – 1 x biker outfits
TH12ba: Aaric Hykova – 1 x biker outfits
TH12c: Aaric Hykova – 1 x biker outfits
TH12d: Aaric Hykova – 1 x tattoo fat pack from Aaric Designs
TH13: Derrick Pizzaro – 1,400L giftcard from KK Kustom Motorcycles
TH14: Elijah Crystal – giftcard for a bike of your choice from Urban Cycles
 & many more TBC……. HAPPY HUNTING!!!

As it gets closer, I’ll keep this post up-to-date with any amendments. Keep an eye on it and see you all at the hunt!


~ by duranu on July 14, 2010.

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  1. […] Before anyone forgets, I made a post a couple days back about F.A.B.‘s treasure hunt, which is going on TODAY! Lots of good stuff listed, and I’ve managed to also donate a couple things for the treasure hunt myself (although not listed in the original post). For information on the treasure hunt, click here. […]

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